For over a decade, Halocarbon scientists and engineers have been working with pioneers in the electronics industry to develop new materials that keep pace with the ever-changing demands of consumer electronics. Today, Halocarbon continues to work with its partners to develop novel fluorochemicals that push the current-state of electronics to new heights. We are applying fluorochemistry to surface-modifying coatings that enable biometric authentication, to photolithographic materials that allow for semiconductor miniaturization, and to electrolyte solutions within lithium ion batteries that will power our future. As a full-scale manufacturer of specialty fluoroproducts, Halocarbon is uniquely positioned to be your end-to-end partner for full product development and commercial raw material supply.


Photosensitive Polyimides – Critical for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

By Jason Spruell Semiconductor Packaging is driving the More than Moore revolution and accelerating the development of ever-powerful electronics. In previous articles, we discussed how advanced polyimides are enabling this More than Moore revolution. Critical to these technologies are photosensitive polyimides.  Polyimides are used as redistribution layer (RDL) dielectrics in the most advanced semiconductor packaging

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions- Bridging the Gap Between Lab-Supply Houses and Large-Scale Chemical Production

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Lab-Supply Houses and Large-Scale Chemical Production

As the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery industry for the automotive market continues to expand at a rapid pace, the field of innovation becomes increasingly competitive. A market with this magnitude of growth potential and demand presents tremendous opportunities for technology companies of all sizes. Cutting-edge battery technologies have emerged and have been shown to address the

Advanced Semiconductor Polyimides Enabling More than Moore

Advanced Semiconductor Polyimides Enabling More than Moore

By Jason Spruell Innovative technologies are driving advances in the semiconductor packaging industry resulting in exponential growth of the number input/outputs (I/Os), modular designs for greater economies of scale, thinner and smaller chip packages. The key packaging technology is known as Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) in which the input/outputs (I/O) are “fanned-out” from the

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