For over a decade, Halocarbon scientists and engineers have been working with pioneers in the electronics industry to develop new materials that keep pace with the ever-changing demands of consumer electronics. Today, Halocarbon continues to work with its partners to develop novel fluorochemicals that push the current-state of electronics to new heights. We are applying fluorochemistry to surface-modifying coatings that enable biometric authentication, to photolithographic materials that allow for semiconductor miniaturization, and to electrolyte solutions within lithium ion batteries that will power our future. As a full-scale manufacturer of specialty fluoroproducts, Halocarbon is uniquely positioned to be your end-to-end partner for full product development and commercial raw material supply.


Emerging Trends in the Semiconductor Industry

Emerging Trends in the Semiconductor Industry

As technological advancements continue to improve the design complexity and capability of semiconductor instruments, engineers must deliver specially formulated solutions that meet the evolving demands of the industry. With powerful breakthroughs in the hexafluoroisopropyl (HFIP) chemistry field, Halocarbon Electronic Solutions (HES) leads the market in developing new solutions to improve the performance of semiconductor devices.

Halocarbon Electronics Solutions Hires Bill McCormick as Director of Sales

20+ year veteran of commercial leadership with over 17 years at BASF Chemical Company Halocarbon Electronic Solutions (HES), a cutting-edge fluorochemical solutions developer, announces that Bill McCormick has joined the company as Director of Sales. McCormick brings over 20 years of commercial leadership expertise in the chemical and technological industries to this new role. While

Halocarbon Electronic Solutions Hires Jason Spruell as Principal Investigator

Experienced specialist of chemical and technological innovation holds numerous patents and awards Halocarbon Electronics Solutions, a cutting-edge fluorochemical solutions developer, announces that Jason Spruell has joined the company as Principal Investigator. Jason comes to this new role at HES with over ten years of commercial success in leadership, research, and innovation. His graduate work in

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