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Semiconductor Fabrication- How Are They Manufactured

Semiconductor Fabrication: How Are They Manufactured?

Halocarbon engineers and scientists have been working with the leading suppliers in the semiconductor fabrication industry for over a decade. Through next-generation innovation in fluorochemistry, HES has facilitated tremendous progress in the miniaturization of sophisticated semiconductor devices. Understanding the basics of semiconductor fabrication has allowed HES to advance the industry through enhancements in several phases

Immersion Photolithography and Semiconductor Miniaturization

Immersion Photolithography and Semiconductor Miniaturization

Photolithography is a microfabrication process that uses light to etch geometric patterns onto a substrate – most often, a silicon wafer. This method inscribes the extremely small patterns of circuits which form the transistors and capacitors powering our electronic devices. Advances in photolithography have played a significant role in the miniaturization of next-generation electronics. As